Blogger is a service of blog publishing, which allows blogs with post by multi users. Usually, the blogs of are hosted by Google into a subdomain of If user want then he/she can host blog with custom setting.  One user can only have up to 100 blogs per blogger account. User can share article, photos, videos on their blog post globally. Some people call it free blog website.

Creation of Blogger:

Blogger was first developed by a company named Pyra Labs. Blogger was launched at August 23 in 1999, which is 17 years ago. Later in 2003 Google bought Blogger. User can’t install Blogger on a web server. Rathe they have to use DNS facilities and redirect a custom URL to a blogspot domain. Blogger has introduced a major redesign on May 9, 2004. They added features like customizable templates, comments, individual archive pages for posts etc. Blogger had completely moved by Google over to Google-operated servers by May 2007.

What Differentiate Blogger from it’s competitors:

Blogger started it’s journey with unique idea, later many competitor also made their position also like, Weebly, etc. But no one is as good as Blogger. Blogger is more popular and user friendly. Blogger also used to do SEO other site with backlinks and post sharing. Blogger post get lots of traffic and can be SEO optimized to rand on search result. Another great thing about Blogger is that user can earn money by linking AdSense and showing google ads to their Blogger site. These features always keep Blogger ahead of it’s competitors.



Blogger is a site of Page Rank 9 out of 10. In terms of traffic Blogger is globally ranked Number 133 and ranked Number 212 in USA by Alexa.

Other Statistics:

Blogger has a bounce rate of 55.30% and over 9.89 million sites linked to Blogger according to the statistics of August 2017 by Alexa.


These were some Important Information about Blogger as a blog publishing platform.