Some Important Informations about Facebook as a Social Media

Some Important Informations about Facebook as a Social Media

Facebook is not only a social media but also the most popular social media networking service of all times. Facebook is originally an American corporation and Headquarter situated at Menlo Park California.

Creation of Facebook:

On February 4, 2004, Facebook as a website was officially launched and created by Mark Zuckerberg and few fellow of Mark Zuckerberg from Harvard College roommates and students, Eduardo Saverin, Dustin Moskovitz, Chris Hughes and Andrew McCollum. Idea was to create a platform to communicate and share photos among friends over the internet, which at last became the global social media platform. Initially service was limited within the website’s membership to Harvard students by The founders. Later it allowed to become a registered Facebook user who is at least 13 years old, Since 2006.

What Differentiate Facebook from it’s competitor:

It is said that “He remains ahead who leads from the first time” and Facebook is the leader of it’s similar competitor from the early age. Facebook has some special features which attracts it’s users. Features like  News Feed, Facebook Timeline, Photo and Video Sharing , Like & comment, inbox messages with live chat, Facebook Gaming, Facebook Like, Page & Group, Events and Business platform makes Facebook more special now a days. Facebook always tries to provide you with almost every facility that you are familiar with over the internet. User always likes to check his or her Facebook Account frequently, that’s what makes Facebook so Special.


Facebook is a site of Page Rank Nine (PR 9) which is really high PR value (Highest PR Value a site can have is 10). In terms of traffic Facebook is globally ranked Number Three and also ranked Number Three in USA by Alexa.

Other Statistics:

Facebook has more than two billion monthly active users and over seven million sites linked to Facebook according to the statistics of July 2017 by Alexa.


These were some Important Informations about Facebook as a Social Media platform.