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Love | Love Quotes and Love Related Blog Post are main Topic of the Page

Love is always a tending topic and people of all ages likes to read posts related to this ever trendy topic. So in these page we share Quotes and Different types of love related post are regularly published in this Love page of Just Genius ORG.

Love means a great interest or a strong feeling of affection or feel deep affection and pleasure in something. It is a power, a great creation of Almighty Creator. You can just feel the it but can’t see and touch it. It is as the deep euphoric, spectacular and most indescribable feeling. Without having it we are incomplete and can’t feel happy in side our heart.

It is one of the fundamental need of human life, without it we can’t live happily i the universe. The day Almighty first created human Adam then after creation He taught him the name of everything and give him everything that he may need to live in haven but he was still not feeling happy. The reason behind that was he was missing his soul mate with whom he can share his feelings of love. then Almighty created his soulmate to make him complete and happy. That’s why without soulmate we are incomplete.

People are social being and they want to live in a group. But in a group they live in pear of male-female. Almighty created a affection between male and female and they feel affection to each other mentally and physically. Not only for human that is also true for all most all animal. We are created in such a way we are not free from that affectionate feeling.

There is hidden feeling of power that all human can feel in his/her heart but can’t see and touch, we already discussed in the article what is it. There is a lot’s of historical and practical proves of that strong feelings that we all feel in our heart. We will discuss all aspects of that feeling in this page.

Posts are mainly on topic like What is Love, Definition,Quotes, Explanation, Real Life Situation, Story and many more.

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