Definition of Love | Explanation of Love | What is Love ?

Definition of Love  | Explanation of Love | What is Love ?

Definition of Love | Explanation – What is Love:

Before understanding the Definition of Love, we should feel what is Love.

Love Love Love !

Love is everywhere in our thought, never but when we fall in love or think about it. There may be millions of definition of love and theory about love. Meaning of love may vary while explaining but it can be same while feeling.

What is Love ?

Love is a creation of Almighty (to some people creation of nature). Whatever Love is a power that you can feel but you can’t touch.

Explanation of Love :

Love is not only the instinct that comes due to the sexual desire but it is the mental state that makes you feeling week towards someone (even something). Unfortunately, love is not everlasting (as like every other things in the universe) and it can change with time and the state of mind. Sometimes love can make a man feel like it everything that he/she may need, but in reality, it is just a state of mind that can makes us feel good about it.

Love is colorful, mysterious and a reason to be feel happy or sad. Love is a desire to every human.

Definition of Love :

The word “Love” means “a strong feeling of affection’’ or “feel deep affection or a great interest and pleasure in something’’.

Some people describe Love as the most indescribable, spectacular, deep euphoric feeling for someone.

Love is an incredibly powerful feeling that makes you word amazing. When someone falls in love, he/she always want to be together with his/her soulmate and when they’re not, they’re most likely to think about being together very soon because they feel the absence of each-other. That’s why people say that without them your life is incomplete.

Love is unconditional affection that has no conditions. People says that there is no rules in love and war. Everything is fair in these two cases. When someone is in complete love with his/her partner that they can do anything and everything to be together. It’s when you trust the other with your life and when you would do anything for each other. When lovers love, they want nothing more than each other for them to be truly happy and no matter what it costs. True lovers can share anything to each other and never hide anything from each other.

To most of the people final destination or success results in marriage, which is the ultimate relationship accepted by the society and the Almighty creator.

That was the Explanation – What is Love and a standard Definition of Love.